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Saturday, June 13, 2015

St. Stephens

Today we decided to go back up to Bonneau and St. Stephens.  Go to the little shops we missed the last time.
We found some fun things! Found a paint by number Snoopy ornament kit, that will be fun for Lon and I.  We also found a little German half doll.   We love treasure hunts
Since we were so close, we thought we should look for the old church.

Starting off with the history bit

The other side.

The church was locked up, so we could not see this inside

Looking at all the old gravestones.

Back to Bonneau, we passed this old house following a yard sale sign. The yard sale was way way way down the road. It was all baby things, and clothes. Nothing we could use

We did find the town of Bonneau Beach! It is on Lake Moultrie

We did not find a beach, but I am sure there is one!

We found a large amount of sea glass in that small area!

Lon loved getting his feet wet.

We did not find a place to eat in Bonneau Beach.  We went to Rio Chicos in Cane Bay. It was good Mexican food. We all enjoyed our meal.  We will go back

It was very very hot today. The car said it was 100 degrees outside as we drove home.   It was a fun day!

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