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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Third Thursday in June!

Tonight we decided to go out into the heat! It topped out at 103 on my porch today!  It was Third Thursday.   Earlier in the day, Lon and I went to the quilt store, People Places and Quilts,  and looked for happy birthday fabric. They had sold out of the fabric I saw earlier, but as usual I got to talking to the owner and we talked about Lon's upcoming science party.  I told her I just finished up the booklets for the kids. She asked if I could make her one for her granddaughter. So I did.  We dropped that off, and she asked me if she could pay me for it. I said, nah, it's all good, just give Lon a fat quarter next time we come in to buy something.  She handed Lon a 10 dollar gift certificate! That was so nice!

Lon with one of the new Bird sculptures!

Cooling off

We stopped and got some new mojito balsamic vinegar! mmm Yummy!

Lon at Guerin's Pharmacy. In line for ice cream. The line was long but the building was air conditioned!

I took another picture of Lon in the pharmacy so I could get a picture of that great antique Whitman candy refrigerator.  I am not sure it works anymore but it is still beautiful.

Lon enjoying his ice cream. Yes, those are vintage cars behind him!  Every third Thursday they have a group of different vintage cars.

We stopped in at Four Green Fields. Mark got the Banana Pudding Pop and I got a fresh peach pop.  Yummy stuff!

I spotted the World Record Breaking Tea Cup!
We did not get to see it at the record breaking event, it was our anniversary and we just did not have time before our dinner reservations

Lon was getting a little thirsty

 It was fun and we did not melt!

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