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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Old Salem

On the 15th of June, Lon, one of his buddies and I went up to Old Salem for the day!  It was a fun trip!

It was not worked out in advance to be colored matching!
We went to the museum, there was so much to see.  The kids and I explained to the docent at the museum about the Haint Blue in the South Carolina room. She had not heard about why the ceilings were painted that shade of blue.  The boys and I did.  Mosquito and spirit control.

We did a little walking.  However, my foot was starting to hurt pretty bad.  We drove up to the bakery and got some wonderful stuff. The sugar bread is did not make it home. We are going to make some soon!

They said this teapot had been in Old Salem for a very very long time

Even though we did not get to walk everywhere, it was a good day!

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