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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Surprise Visit!

We LOVE surprise visits! No really we do.    It is so much fun to have guests.  This weekend, Bill came to visit.   We are so happy he did.
We hung out, and talked. On Monday we went for a ride to Folly Beach down the Ashley River Road.

Lon brought his kite and had fun flying it on the beach.  We are planning on coming back to do that again!

We then drove through Charleston.   It is always a fun thing to do

On Wednesday, we drove up to Fayetteville to deliver Bill to my brudder, Adam.  It is always good seeing him.

 We hope it is not so long between visits the next time.

I got a duck, a hand carved beauty.  I am so happy. I have always wanted a duck! Lon will eventually get it, but not anytime soon. I love my duck!

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