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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

South of the Border!

Today was the last day of our vacation.  We headed home from Virginia.
The James River

Again, we did not take pictures of our goodbyes from Grandma's house.

The Milestone Diner in Dunn, North Carolina. It was decent diner food.

South of the Border!

Not sure if he was allowed to climb in there, but we took the photo anyway

Looking over the vast array of wonderful things!

Mark got me a solar powered hula girl.  In a yellow skirt.  Not sure if we are saving that for my birthday or not

You realize I am 10, right?

It is still Shark Week!

The drive won't last forever, honest sweetie!

Many, many things were labeled SOB.  For South Of the Border!

The big guy!

We went across the street to get some ice cream! We got there at the right time! Lots of people showed up after us.

Lon got his usual, mint chocolate chip

Dad tried grape ice cream. With chunks of real grapes.  He said it tasted like grape soda

I had rainbow sherbet

A cool old barn in South Carolina

We had a great trip, with lots of fun had by all. Now to get all those book barn books out of the car and some laundry done! :)

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