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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Middleton with Brian and Kayla

This morning we thought it would be really fun to take the kids out to Middleton.

It is such a pretty place

Looking for turtles. There was only one swan in the enclosure

The path to the house

Grass cutters

Running down to the Butterfly pond. The building is the Rice Mill
Brian and Kayla saw an Alligator!

Patroling in his pond

Inside the Rice Mill.

Looking into the spring house.  No frogs today.

It was much cooler inside.  It was 98 today. When we were out it was only about 91

Up in the stable yards. Lon pointing out the pigs

This water buffalo has the right idea

Baby peacocks and their mother.

Inside the potter's shed.

We found out that Mr. Ron the blacksmith moved to Ticonderoga New York. We miss him. We are looking forward to meeting the new blacksmith, Mr. Patrick

She is my very favorite Cashmere goat

Walking back. The kids were getting really hot

I bought them waters and ice creams

There was a good game of life in the afternoon.
I made the kids lunch when we got home, it seems I make the best hot dogs and mac n cheese.

MORE ice cream from the ice cream truck

The family!

Brian and Kayla were so tired when we got to Koshi's. They perked back up with some water and dinner!

Everyone enjoyed their dinner.  The shrimp pancake is not as good as Michelle's. It was still good, but her's is much better!

Lon is loving the katsu!

The kids enjoyed their last night in the pool.

Lon is getting much better at jumping in!

We will miss having them here with us.

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