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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ravenel Bridge Turns TEN!

Today was the second day of the Lego Build at the Ravenel Bridge! They were holding the build at Patriot's Point.  I thought it would be hugely mobbed, but when I watched the news last night, it did not look bad.  Today after church, Lon and I went over there.

Heading over!

Learning about pollution in our water

The bridge. It is coming along

Lots and lots of bricks

Gotta do each and every face in the hole!

a pretty picture

The American College of Building Arts had some free build legos.

I talked to them while Lon built. They have an elective class in the spring on the architecture of Rome.  That sounds like a wonderful class!

The Sting Rays mascot! We really need to go to a hockey game this year

Lon showing off his free build. The top spun all the way around

At the Yorktown


The Yorktown mascot likes to give BIG hugs! Lon was loving it!

We did find the smash penny machine.  When we visited the Yorktown before Lon got the smashed penny with the Yorktown on it. Today they had a machine with the Ravenel Bridge.

Going back home. It was fun, we had a great time but it was HOT.

Sadly, it looks like we did not win the Lego of the Ravenel.

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