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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Today we went on a Lighthouse Tour Cruise!  It was offered by the Cross Sound Ferry.  The cruise left at 12:30

We got there a  little early, only about an hour wait

We walked around for a little bit and found this ship. It is the Mystic Whaler.  They give cruises too, we are going to try that one the next time.

We are off! Passing by Electric Boat.

New London!
Fort Griswold

 New London Harbor Light

This is the lighthouse that  Lon and I went into with the New London Maritime Historical Society.

There's another one Mom!

This one is New London Ledge

Lon is having a great time!

North Dumpling Lighthouse.

Lon got these 3x glasses.

Race Rock Lighthouse

Little Gull Light

Orient Point Lighthouse

Plum Island Light. On Plum Island

Again at Little Gull Lighthouse

Lon wanted to show where he got his glasses. He also got a coloring book, but I did some of the pages!

 Loved the red sails!

The latest submarine, Colorado!
Dinner at a clam shack, called Dad's. The portions are HUGE.  We could have gotten one plate and split it among us and it would have been enough!

I tried to get a t shirt, but they did not have any more yellow ones and the green one was a weird shade of green.

Ice cream time. We drove out to Hallmark, well,  it's called Peterson's now.

Saybrook  Light.   You can barely see it in the distance.


The sunset over Dodge Pond.

It was a good visit, again, much too short.

I will add more about each lighthouse in a little while.

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