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Saturday, July 11, 2015

North Stonington Agricultural Fair

This morning the boys went fishing!  Grammalyn and I got school pants for Lon. We met back at the house, we all ate lunch. Then Mark and Lon and I went to the Fair!

Looks like fun!

Oxen Pull!  We watched three rounds.  It was sort of surprising that we were only 100 miles from New York City

Looking at the flower exhibit

Dunk tank!

Even though Lon did not hit the target, they encouraged him to run up and push the button! He did just that.

At the petting zoo. Yes, that is a camel

Feeding the goats

Lon looked through all the rides. There were only two rides he wanted to go on, he bought just enough tickets for those rides.

The bumper cars were first

He has so much fun on this ride!

The next ride was the Hang Glider.

It's a great ride

They had a small candy tent. Lon did find just about 1/2 a pound of candy he wanted.

Lon and I split some fry bread and a frozen lemonade

It was already a long day! Getting up early for fishing is tough!

Face in the hole!!

We went to the animal barns on our way out.
This is a lion bunny.


Panda Cows. We took the picture just for Jack

We had a great time at the fair.  It was time to go back to Grammalyn's house. Godfather and Uncle Jeffy were coming over!

Godfather and Lon go over tackle!

For dessert we got a Friendly's Ice Cream Celebration Cake!

It was fun to eat!

Just one sparkler each!

All the boys!

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