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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This morning we were off to explore Gettysburg!
Driving down the Tanneytown road to the visitor's center

 EVERYONE takes this picture

Exploring the exhibits near the theater.  We got tickets for the Movie, the Cyclorama and the Museum.   We only had a 7 minute wait for the movie!

The first part of the movie.

The Cyclorama. We had help with some of the questions, the very friendly guide at the Cyclorama said lots of kids have problems with these questions so here are the answers.

There were 9 questions in the museum, and we found all the answers there.
This is the South Carolina exhibit.  The first state to secede.

His Jr. Ranger certificate! He got a patch and a special brigade page for doing all the book

We did remember to pick up the trading cards

Back in the museum looking for Dad! He stayed longer in the museum than we did, but we caught up

Lon and President Lincoln

Battlefield Wild Flowers. My favorite Black Eyed Susans!

The Emmitsville Maryland Welcome Center.
Sadly the center is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Maryland has some strange times that they are open.   Someday we will make it to the C&O Canal when they are open!

Charming town of Leesburg!

A little cuddle time with Grandma!

Postcard time coming up!

We are still working on hand writing!

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