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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Another Day, Another Drive

Today we continued on to our destination !
Some cuddles with Grandma before we get on the road
Virginia Cows

Pretty Virginia Horse Country
One of the many rivers we crossed. At this moment I can not remember which one this is!
Welcome to West Virginia!
River crossing


I really have to get a map and look these up...
We made it to Godmother's house!  For lunch we all walked down to Martellucci's Pizza
2 slices and a drink for $3. How can you beat that? It was good pizza!

Lon and Godmother!

It was so nice that we could stop in and see her!

The top of this old hardware store building had a list of what they sold. It reminded me of the Talbot's sign in Ketchikan!

This was in Stroudsburg, PA

Still  in Pennsylvania.

I am pretty sure this is the Delaware River !! I remembered ONE!

A little bit of New York

The drive though PA and NY went well, until we got into Connecticut! Around Danbury was horrible traffic, for no reason! There were no wrecks or construction, just people going 10 miles an hour or less!!

Finally off the freeway in near Lyme Connecticut!
Pizza with Grammalyn!

Lon is going to turn into a pizza!  But it is really good pizza!

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