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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Books and the Beach

 We started out at the original book barn.

They have new cats, this is pimkin. NOT pumpkin. They were very pleased we said his name correctly. Most people who see it automatically call him pumpkin.  He is young and friendly.

THREE new goats!

The cat was walking Lon to the check out with some of the books we bought.

We went to all four of the book barns, found some wonderful dollar books, found some wonderful books that were not a dollar, but still a good buy. Found many many more books I would like to own!

We had lunch at Charlies, which used to be the Niantic Diner.  Lon had a grilled chicken sandwich. Without thinking he took one of Dad's fried clams, and he LIKED it! Yay Lon !   I had the gyro. Grammalyn had the fried clams too.

Pretty little stream behind the diner

We got the beach pass and went to McCooks.

Lon is out above his head, swimming to Dad.

He made it!

A little closer to shore Dad makes a BIG splash!

After this part, I made the second towel into a pillow and laid down and fell asleep for over an hour!

Dad with a kelp mustache

This pit was abandoned when the other kids went home. Lon took it over. He made it into a foot bath with a trench to let in the rising tide

Last shot of my beach boys

For dinner we went to the Shack. It's another diner. Lon was able to get chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, with bacon! He got s'mores pie for dessert!

It was a fun day!

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