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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Civil War on Wednesay

That, or something very much like it, was the name of a book Lon read a few years ago.
Today's adventure started in Cold Harbor.  Lon had done most of his booklet before hand. He had two activities to complete at the park.  The nice rangers at Tredger Iron Works gave him the booklet for the rest of the park when he was there.

It is not very far from 295.

This is going to be a fun day!

Watching the wall presentation. The kind that used colored lights to show troop movements. The narration was well done.

Lon finished up his booklet and got his patch.   We then went on the driving tour of battlefield.

They had signage that talked! We got out and Lon pressed the buttons to learn more.  We also picked up trash.  Makes us mad, who leaves trash at a National Park!? You brought it in, you can bring it out!

Earth works!
A side view of the earthworks, It is hard to imagine that those trenches have lasted 151 years.  

This yard is next to the battlefield. That is so beautiful.

At the end of I-64 is Fort Monroe.  

Taking some time to pose for Mom.

This is a fun French Canadian Family.  This was their first Jr. Ranger Badge.  The Mom spoke English, and the kids, not so much.  She was asking Lon all sorts of questions about where he got his badges and how many are around here.  Lon was very nice, and answered all her questions and her translated kid's questions.  She said they do not have pens with the Jr. Ranger Booklets, and did we have one? That was very nice of her.

Lon is explaining to me why this fort design is not as good as it could be. This is the fort designed by Captain John Smith, from Jamestown fame. Lon and I both did not know he did things in other places in Virginia.

The shell is still in the cannon. They put the wrong size shot into the cannon and it exploded out the end of the cannon. yipes!

I did not know that Edgar Allen Poe served in the Army. He served at Fort Monroe.  I learn things here too.

Looking at the Monitor and the Merrimac. Ironclads. Lon is looking at their designs and comparing them.

The lady at the gift store runs the Jr. Ranger program. We never did see a Ranger.  She gave Lon his oath, and his trading cards. The Jr. Ranger badge is wooden. There are only two parks with wooden Jr. Ranger badges, Fort Monroe and Whitman Mission. Lon has both.

Beautiful places at Fort Monroe

The streets are gorgeous !

This is my favorite photo of the day. (other than the pictures of Lon)

Now on to plan tomorrow's adventure!

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