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Monday, July 13, 2015

Driving Down the Road

Today we left for Pennsylvania.
Can you see the baby raccoons that woke me up early in the morning?

They are the lumps going down the tree

Sadly, as we were saying goodbye I did not get any photos of all the hugs!

Hello, Godfather! We waved as we went by!

An old mill in Derby, CT

We stopped at this rest stop three years ago. It has not changed

The Susquehanna River

We made it to Gettysburg!

Some of the historic buildings

Consulting the map

One of the many signs around town telling you the history of the buildings

Diorama in the window. Lon still loves them

We found a place for dinner, called Hoss Steak House.  It has an interesting concept, when you walk in, you order your food, get a receipt and go sit down. The salad, soup and dessert bar are all included.
The food was not bad.

We got back to the hotel room and went down to the pool! The boys had a great time, the water was cold.
The hot tub was freezing.

Mark was very sweet and got us a room with a hot tub in our room, we all enjoyed that!

Lon did find some new friends and they played together till the other boys had to go to dinner

Nice days drive today!

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