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Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Fun

We started out the day getting Mark his three day Connecticut Fishing License.

Lon wanted to look at all the shiny new reels

After the fishing store we went out to goodwill in Groton and found a few fun things! More books!
We came back to town and had lunch at The Dockside. Lon ordered fish and chips but ate most of my clams!  Mark and Grammalyn both had hot lobster rolls.

Sadly, for him, we cleaned our plates

After lunch, the boys went to the beach and Grammalyn  and I went to the Clinton Antique Mall. I hit that one every year!  Found only a few good things, but it was fun.

Mark, Lon and I met up with Holly and Godfather at their house.
We got dinner at Coffee's. This place is on the Post Road and has an amazing selection of salads. The curried chicken salad was wonderful!  We took the salads and fried chicken to the Beach club.
This is Packard 8. NICE car.
We all got into the water, some more than others

The sun was just starting to set

What is that down there?
It's a Spider Crab!

On our way out of the beach club we saw a party barge (that was listing) being pulled over by a police boat. I tried to take pictures of it for the blog. They did not come out very well at all

Damian is giving pointers about the fishing the boys are going to do in the morning. Dad is even going to get to fish!

We brought some fireworks up and lit them off tonight!

I wish this photo would have come out not so blurry.

Lon's shot was clearer but not so dramatic!

I really like this picture.

The fountains from CVS were were great!  Bight and colorful and long lasting

We had a great time today!


One very tired boy!

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