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Monday, July 06, 2015

On the Road Again

This time we are going as a family!
Yes, it was that early in the morning!  But we did not run into any traffic for a long time!
We stopped at South of the Border! However, we got there so early that nothing was yet open!
We are going to look into a day trip to Florence to see what we can see and make a side trip back to South of the Border so Daddy can see it in all it's glorious splendor.

We made great time to Fredericksburg.  Mark found a new pet on Grandma's porch!   A carpenter bee.  Sadly, he was already dead.

After a quick lunch that did not include the bee, we went up to the pool.  We have a good time in the pool

Tired boys waiting for dinner

And here it comes! We all had steaks, except Lon, he had grilled chicken.  Another great dinner from my mom!

No visit, no matter how short, is complete with out seeing Burny and Addie!

This is Mark and Addie playing. Please notice Mark is playing with a dog!

Lon took over playing with Addie!

Then both Burny and Addie gave Lon many many kisses.

Mr. Jim looking over Lon's flight sim game, giving him pointers.

It is always good to have a visit with my mom and Andy.

On to out next adventure tomorrow !

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