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Saturday, November 02, 2013

A Fair Day

Today we had a lot to do!  The day started with boys having haircuts! They look so nice now
Lon with his new haircut. We went to the market to look around, this is the last month of the Saturday farmer's market. They close down at Thanksgiving and then open back up in April.
We stopped by my plant lady and bought a confederate jasmine plant to put on a trellis and hide the water heater.  It is the variegated variety. It should grow well here.  We will get more, and some star jasmine to put on our living fence when we get that built.
After we dropped the plant off at home, it was time to get to the Coastal Carolina Fair!!
We found great parking at gate 2. The petting zoo from the Carolina State Fair was there.  Lon was petting the same goats
One smart determined donkey
Then it was time to find something for us to eat!
Corn dogs!  They have tables set up all over the place. It was a nice feature
Another sand castle! These are amazing!
Paddle Boats. You can rent a paddle boat for 5 dollars, no real time limits. These looked really cool.
But before the boats, we wanted to see somethings.  We went to the flower building. They had some gorgeous arrangements.
Wall gardens. Both Lon and Daddy were thinking this was pretty cool.
We also saw the quilts, needle arts and paintings.  This is a much smaller fair.
Then it was time for paddle boats! Lon and Daddy did two laps around the little lake
Mark found his turkey leg!!
Real turkey leg. It was yummy!
Lon got a chocolate dipped cone with SPRINKLES!
We saw some antique tractors.
We found the only face in the hole!  The 4-H was there was the snap circuits.  Lon loved those. We tried some very yummy honey.
They also had a milk booth, Borden, with something called Holiday Custard.  We had to try it. It was an unspiced egg nog.  Very thick, but good. I like the Borden's egg nog.
Baby ducks! They would nibble on fingers.  Lon said it tickled.
Looking at the cow.  I did not know the other boy, but they were having a conversation about the cow and her two calves.
Petting a White New Zealand Rabbit
The boys found a nice spot to play checkers. Lon won!!
 We did not know that Lon had an audience.  She was 3, and so wanted to play the game.  Lon was trying to teach her. She just really wanted to move the pieces around the board. Lon was being very patient,  but after a few minutes we had to go and her mother took over trying to teach her.
Watching a young man roll out cinnamon roles. They were using real butter!
It was time to leave the fair. Lon did not ride on rides this time, we are going to be coming back after school next week and that is all Lon is going to do. Ride rides!

The next stop was the Spann Carnival.  This was so much fun, the rod and reel were real, but it was all video for the fish.The rod moves and the line feeds out. It was pretty nifty.  Lon tried to catch a salmon, but it got away. He moved to a brook trout and brought that one in.  He was pleased with him self.

The savings squirrel.
Bouncey Houses! Castles! it was fun!  There were lots of games and things to do. Lon got to play in the video truck for a bit.
This is a game called corn hole.  It seems very popular around here. We might have to get one.
Lon is building a sand sculpture. It was not ready when we left, so he can bring it home monday. It will be good and set by then!
I was called last week to see if I would be able to give an hour of my time to the carnival. Of course I could. I was supposed to start at 5, but I started at 4:20. I was at the tattoo parlor, but when the hair spray lady left I took over.  They had cans of wash out color, red, purple, white, black light (which I did not use,.it did not show up in regular light and the kids wanted something they could see). They also had cans of silver and gold glitter.  It was really fun, even some of the boys wanted their hair colored.
Lon came to see me before the stach bash. It was a dance. Lon was having a lot of fun.  I was doing hair for almost two hours, before we decided we really needed to go. I had to sit down!!

We decided to get something to eat before our last stop  (Home Depot to pick up fire ant killer. )
Right after we ordered we got a text. We won a silent auction we bid on!  Two tickets to the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker on December 26.  I did not bid that much! But we won! I had to run back to school to pick them up! I am so excited about going to the ballet.
It was a wonderful day. We all had a great time!

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