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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Veteran's Day at Spann

Friday, the school Lon goes to had a wonderful Veteran's Day Program. Veteran's were encouraged to attend, and so were parents.
The wall of veterans. The kids submitted the names of all the veteran's in their family.
The kids lining up to go into the stadium.  The high school stadium is across the street, but the high school moved down the road.
The high school ROTC program were the flag bearers. Each service lined up behind their flags. Two Coast Guardsmen were there, the Army and Navy were both well represented.
The kids sang songs, held up cards. There were speakers, it was very nice.
Lon's class going back to school. School only had about 1/2 hour left. I had to go get in line.  Lon's teacher let me take him home from there, so I did not have to go and wait in my car. That was great!

Thank you to all the Veterans!

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