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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Going to Virginia

Lon and I had to make a trip to Virginia.  We left on the 13th of November.  Lon and I pulled out of the driveway at 7:05am, just the same time as if we were going to go to school!
Our first stop was one of the silliest places I have ever been to!
Right before you drive into North Carolina, this is what you see.  Because it is just south of the border
Giant statues were all over the place!
Lon is wondering around the acres of tourist trap stuff.
Lon is having fun playing with all the stuff. We did not buy, but we had fun playing with some of it
Giant Chickens. Why? I have no idea
Pedro-- he is everywhere!
Having fun
We made it through North Carolina ! This is at the welcome center in Virginia.  Peanuts everywhere!
We still had plenty of daylight, and we did not make this stop two summer ago, so we decided to go for it and stop at Petersburg National Battlefield.
Studying the exhibits
Filling out the forms with what he learned.
Lon getting his Jr Ranger Badge. This time it was a patch. I thought he had 29 Jr Ranger badges and this one would be # 30.  I was not counting his Yellowstone badge as it was the patch.  This was badge 31.  Good job, Lon!
We walked out to the canons.  We saw a small herd of deer, but I was not fast enough with my camera to capture them
Doing more learning, we could have stayed longer but it was time to go so we were not doing too much driving in the dark.
We made it to Mom's house just after dark.
It was a good day.

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