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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Family Day!

Boeing Family Day was today! What a super fun day! We were allowed to take photographs, outside. Nothing at all inside.  There was so much outside!  It was a very fun day!
We started out at Faber Place. This is where Mark works. They had buckets of trinkets out for the kids.
After Lon got his stuff, they had a wonderful breakfast for us. burritos, fruit, muffins and danish, and Seattle's Best coffee! It was very good.
From Faber Place we went over to the plant.
One of the first tents had art for the kids to make! Lon was loving the modge podge and tissue paper craft. He got to make his own creation too, not just the one they were going to hang later in the day.
There was lots of food! Cotton Candy, snow cones, a drink station with pop cans and water, where you could just take a can and go. Inside, they had hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbequed chicken sandwiches. Lon was most excited about the big cookies for dessert.
The Dream Lifter.  It is pretty cool up close and personal.
A C-130 was coming in to land over at Airforce base!
Boeing  also had a car show. At the end of the row of cars were all sorts of first responder vehicles. The normal range of cars, motorcycles, engines but they had some others too!

Lon got to pretend to drive the airboat! That was cool!  They also had a Police Zodiac.
There was a contraband sniffing dog. Cooper was a sweet pointer. He LOVES his tennis ball. Almost as much as he loves scratches behind the ears.  He is a calm dog who did not get upset when lots of kids wanted to pet him.
More art! Lon thinks that the spin art is the coolest thing ever! He would have stayed there all afternoon.  He had fun making glittered things too, he did a heart for Mommy, a teddy bear, and a, well, I am still not sure what it is. But it is red, with two yellow spots.
Lon with the mascot of  Charleston Battery Soccer. They said sometime this year, they will play the Sounders.
The South Carolina State History Museum also had part of a tent. They had a prize wheel. Lon loves to spin those. He won two tickets to go to the museum in Columbia and a pencil.  I won a King Tut book mark, they are having an exhibit with replicas of King Tut's treasures.  I really wanted the paperweight. It was wood and had a picture of the capital building done from the copper of the dome when they had to re build it. They let us come back later and we got one! I put it in the curio cabinet.   Lon is trying to figure out when we can go to Columbia!
The robotics club and the high school robotics club were having demonstrations. They let Lon run one of the frisbee shooting robots. He really liked that.
We had played all the games, won all the prizes we were going to win, ate a snow cone,  and visited every vendor. It was time to go home.
It was a wonderful day, the weather was great. We got to meet some of the people Mark works with. It was a good family day!

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