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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Back to the Fair!

Today, as promised, Lon and I went back to the fair! It opened at 3, but they were letting everyone in early.  The rides were not going to start till 3.
 The same donkey was still hungry.
This time I remembered and brought a quarter.
Grabbing a snack before the rides. I had a gyro. It was not bad.  We brought back our cup from last time, and they honored the refill price.  Which was great!
The sand sculpture was finished. It is amazing.
We walked around the midway looking at the rides we might want to go on. Lon wanted to try his hand at the  darts at balloons. I paid the man, and before I could pull out my camera, Lon had tossed all the darts and hit balloons with each one   Lon was so proud of himself and his little prize! The man told him he could play again for a bigger prize and Lon said no. This one is mine, and the first one I won all by myself. I am keeping it.  
On our walk around we noticed that Lon was still too short for some of the rides. Just by a little.  Unless he was with an adult.  We each got a hand stamp, so I went on the rides too!
And ride we did!

A fast spinning ride, that went backward for the last half.
On the Scrambler.  I was in the seat next to him!
Lon is up there. I did not ride that one with him.
Up in the Ferris Wheel.  I gave Lon a little history on the Ferris Wheel. The two other kids in the car with us, looked at Lon and asked if I did that a lot? Lon answered, all the time. The girls looked at each other, looked at Lon, then told him that was the coolest thing ever. They would love that ! Lon looked at me and smiled.
Mid way from the Ferris Wheel!
We went up in the sky cars across the fair grounds.
The sunset over the fair grounds.
Of course, we had to ride the carousel!
Lon went down this slide 4 times.  The operator was giving him grief about his Seahawks coat.  Lon just looked at him and said 8 and one.  The guy started laughing.
We also had another kid come up to us and tell us he was a Hawks fan too, he was even going to the game in Atlanta!
Love the way the colors turned out in this one.
Lon wanted to try the Pharaoh's Ride. It looked fairly easy.  Just swinging.  Um, yea. It was a little too intense of a swing for Lon. He was not happy. The girls behind us were not happy either. Your stomach felt like you were dropping a very long way on the arc back down.  Lon said that was the last time he was going to do that!
He went into the Peter Pan Fun House after that. He got to do the fun houses alone. The moving floors, etc. are too much for my knee.  He went through the house a couple times.
We had to check out the 4-H booth again. This time, they showed Lon how to make a newspaper pot for a plant. This would be a great way to start seeds, then you just plant the whole thing in the ground!  They put a little bitty spider plant in his newspaper pot. She also gave me information on how to contact 4-H and possibly join.  We do not have to raise a cow, or any other farm animal.
Lon loves the baby chicks and baby ducks.  He thinks those would be fun.  I am sure they would be.  We already have ducks that come to our door!
Lon got an Elsie the Cow tattoo. He loves the Dutch Chocolate Milk.   Lon says that Borden is our milk of choice here.  Well, that works for me. He did not like the Holiday Custard.  I did. I bet it would make good french toast.
The sun was down and it was time to go home. We did alot in the time we were there. We left the gate at 6:04pm. We arrived at 2:34.   It was really fun. Lon went to sleep almost as soon as we got home, even though we could hear the band who was playing at the fairgrounds in our house!

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