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Friday, November 29, 2013

Party Saturday!

Saturday, the 23rd of November, was the last Saturday Market.  We had to go!  I wanted to get some things for Christmas!
Talking dogs with the rescue people. He really does want a dog, but we are not yet ready for a dog. Soon. Very soon.
In front of the machine that grinds corn into grits.  Yes, I got some.

After this we spent a little bit of time looking at the market, getting some jam, and other fun stuff.
We had to go and get some lunch since we had a birthday party to go to!
The birthday party was for Lon's classmate.  It was held at a roller rink. Lon hugged the wall for a little while. He was giving it a good try
He did get out in the middle and had a very fun time skating.
It was nice to be invited to our first birthday party here in South Carolina.

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