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Friday, November 29, 2013

Day After the Feast

We are not black Friday shoppers, we have lots of fun at home! Today was no different. This year is a very short Christmas season,we got out all the decoration boxes, put all the fall stuff away!
I got a gingerbread house for Grandma and Lon to build.  Lon thought this was a wonderful idea
Working hard !
The mail came and a box was there for him!
He is thinking this might be what he waits for all year!
oh yes! It is what I wait for all year! My Godmother is the BEST!
Then it was back to work!   They are doing a great job. Lon tells Grandma where the frosting needs to go, and she puts it there. Lon puts on the candy!
It is looking good, and I need to get a picture posted of the finished product!
We started putting up the outside decorations. The luminarios are going up, I am about half done.  A few years ago I saw this great helicopter at Home Depot.  But I did not have a place to put it in Kirkland.  I found a perfect place in Summerville!
Today was a good day!

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