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Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby George Washington

Monday, November 18 was hopefully our last day in Virginia. Not that we did not like staying at Grandmas, but it was well past time to go home! We missed Daddy like crazy!
We went out to George Washington's Birthplace. Poplar Grove.  He grew up at Ferry Farm, closer to Fredericksburg, and then spent his adult life at Mount Vernon.
Lon liked all the ducks and the crane
Face in the hole. Really, I think we need a new name for those.
Grandma and Lon learning things about the very young George Washington
Working his booklet, looking for all the different plant life in Plant life bingo. The only square we did not find was poison ivy. But we were not really looking
Finally, a smile. Part of the requirements for this Jr Ranger badge was to attend a ranger led program. That is usually not a problem, they even had one starting at noon, we would be just in time.
Well, we got there on time. We were the only ones there.  The ranger told us this was a sewing circle, and we were to repair costumes for the volunteers. She was not going to teach sewing, you had to already know what you were doing and be good at it. You had to know to hem, without an iron. and keep the stitches small enough so they would not show. Hmm, that was not going to work for us. Lon was getting frustrated, but to his credit he walked away, and did not lose his temper with the ranger. I was not happy with her either.  I told Lon I would talk to the rangers at the station and we would work something out.
Looking at the blacksmith's shop.
Inside the house. It is not the original.  They have some period furnishings. Lon loved the curtains on he bed. He thought the embroidery would have taken a very long time to do. Yes, it would!
Okay, Let's get this done, time to go back to the visitor's center
Time out for a picture with the cows
We talked to the ranger at the visitor's center, and we worked it out that the movie would count towards the ranger led program.  Lon was happy.
The smaller Washington Monument.
We got a call, the car is all better! We could pick it up on the way home.  Time to pack up the car and get ready to go! We would be going home early in the morning.

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