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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday in the Wilderness

Well, we started out in Chancelorsville.
There was a new place called, Day One at Chancelorsville. It was a new place for us to see. We did not do the hike,  perhaps next time we come up
Looking out over the battlefield.
At the Chancelorsville Visitors Center. I have taken Lon's picture with these signs for years. Either he is getting taller, or the signs are getting shorter!
The path is newly made, it is rubberized! They used recycled rubber bits for the path. Nice to walk on.
This Jr Ranger Badge is mainly outside too
Stonewall Jackson's monument.  This was the second one, a more grand one. The first one, which is nearby, is a hunk of marble. Nothing carved on it, just a bit piece of marble, sort of square.

Working the booklet.
Telling Grandma and Grandpa Andy about the monument
Getting his Jr Ranger segment from Ranger Beth. We were told by Ranger Paul at Fredericksburg to ask her about Sasquatch.  She thought that was pretty funny.
She said while they do not have the Wilderness segment booklets out yet for the public, she would print one off for Lon so he could get all four segments. That was so nice of her!
The Wilderness Segment, involves driving to locations, working that part of the booklet,  and then going to the next station and working more booklet.  Each section required a hike of some kind.  Grandma and Grandpa Andy stayed in the nice warm car.
Another cannon!
The limbers  I think they are called. They attach to the cannons and then attach to horses so the cannons can be moved around. We learned about them in one of the movies we watched. Most of the Jr. Ranger badges require a Ranger led program. In the summer it is not a problem. In the winter time, they usually have you watch the movie.
Working the booklet on the trail. We hiked a couple miles all together!  It was broken up,  so Lon did not get too tired. Neither did mommy!
The last trail we hiked. It was hard to see in places, but since they used that rubberized stuff it was easy to feel our way down the trail. We wanted to make sure we stayed on the trail.
Learning about the home front and the difficulties  the families back home had to endure. Some ladies and children lost their homes when their soldier was killed.  They could not pay the mortgage or rent or taxes.  We thought that was very sad.
Getting his Jr Ranger badge booklet checked out. They were serious here! Lon passed and he got the last segment for the Fredericksburg campaign.
5 Jr Ranger badges so far this trip.

We stopped at Wegmans on the way back to Moms house. What a wondrously glorious grocery store that is. The one near Mom's house is HUGE!!
I wanted Lon to have something to work on in the evening, rather than play his DS. He gets a little off kilter if he plays too many video games. We found this painting project, it came with everything he needed to paint this snowman. He could have chosen the nutcracker, but he liked the snowman better.  Grandma is giving him some pointers
He is taking this seriously and taking his time.
He is loving painting this snowman. He is doing a great job. After the first coat of white, we put it away for the night and will finish up the next day.
I think I might look into more of these type things for him.

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