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Monday, November 25, 2013

Manassas or Bull Run

They are the same place. This is where the first battle of the Civil War took place. The second battle was at Wilson's Creek, in Missouri.
The Visitors Center. Sunday, the 17th of November
We got Lon a Lon sized sweatshirt at Wegmans the night before. He is much more comfortable in that.
Standing in front of one of the exhibits. They had a Union Cavalry sword that looked very much like the one I have in my bedroom!
We met another family at the Visitors Center and the boy was about Lon's age. He was enthralled with all Lon's badges, so I told his Mom about the program and they went and got the booklet. The little boy was thrilled to be doing this.
The movie at the Visitor's Center was very graphic. Little kids should really not see it. One girl got up and left with her mom. I asked Lon if he wanted to go and he said no, not yet. We did have extra cuddles later on.
Getting his Jr Ranger badge. He got this one, and since he had done 5 Civil War segments in Virginia, they also awarded him a Jr Ranger Civil War at 150 badge.  The Ranger was so impressed with Lon and all his knowledge that he went down to the office and got Lon a very special brass Manassas coin. Lon felt so proud.  He shows off that coin every chance he gets.  We also got the trading cards, the volunteer told us there were some others for Manassas out at the farm where the second battle took place. I told Lon we would have to wait on those.  A few minutes later, while we were out on the porch, waiting for Mom, he came out and said, no you should not have to wait, and gave them to us. That as so sweet.
He got a cavalry hat. Looking at the limbers. He thinks those are pretty cool.
Grandma!I am running to show you my new coin!
Exploring the battlefield since Grandma and Grandpa Andy went in to watch the movie
Standing in from of the Stonewall Jackson Statue
The stone house
Waiting for Grandma.
One of the best parts of being at Grandma's house is walking Burney!! Lon is having so much fun with that dog!
Lon loves that he and the dog are the same age. He calls Burney his puppy brother.
Still working on his snowman. Doing a great job, taking his time.
It was a good day at Grandmas

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