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Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Little Bit of Thursday and Friday

Thursday evening, (the 14th of November) Lon was able to go over and see Burney! What a wonder dog! Lon and Burney played together when Burney was a puppy. Lon was still sort of a puppy too.  Lon was so happy to see him, and Burney was happy someone was playing with him and tossing the ball.
Sometimes he did not want to let go of his treasured ball.
Burney liked the pets best though.
It was fun seeing the grown up version of the puppy
Driving down the road toward home. Well, at least it started out that way. We stopped for gas, and starting the car up again and pulling out, the car made a terrible noise.  I did not hear it again as we drove down the road, so I was only mildly concerned. Then when we stopped for a break at the Williamsburg rest area, it did it again. This time louder. This time I was more than concerned. It sounded like grinding gears.  This could not be good. I thought that I should turn around and go back to Mom's house.  Have her mechanic look at it, so that way I was not stuck out on the Outer Banks.  So we turned around and dropped off the car at Mom's mechanic. Now we just had to wait.
Andy let us borrow is little red car, so we could go to the Fredericksburg Battle Field. We had been there a few times, but Lon did not get his Jr. Ranger Badge from there.
He still loves this diorama!
Working his booklet.
We usually do not go to the shop till after we are done, but this time we had to do most of the booklet outside. We left Lon's jacket in the car, the one in the shop. It was too cold and windy to be without something. I got him a sweatshirt to wear, they did not have anything close to his size, so we got one in my size (or Daddy size) and that way someone could actually wear it again. Lon is on the Sunken Road.
With the cannons. We met a nice lady and her son up there too. They were doing a project on the Fredericksburg campaign. Her son was not too much older than Lon. She wanted to know why we were up there, since we were the only people there. I told her about the Jr. Ranger program.  She said she thought her son would like that. I tell people about the program because I wish people had told us about it earlier!  We later saw them working on the booklet.
One of the marked graves. Most of the graves are not marked, just numbers and how many are in the grave.  It was very sad.
Back down to the Visitor's Center
Lon getting his Jr. Ranger badge. This one is also a patch, with four segments around it. They gave him the one for Spotsylvania also. They are still working on that specific booklet.
Jr Ranger badges 32 and 33.
We drove the little car back to Mom's house. I did pretty good with the clutch.  I did not really like the little car, I was too close to the ground!
We got back to Mom's house just in time to talk to the mechanic.  The transmission was fine. Whew! However, it was the door locking assembly. My car auto locks at 18 miles an hour, the same time it would shift from first to second gear.  The locking assembly had gone bad.  That was the horrible noise. The mechanic told me it scared him hearing it and he was expecting some kind of noise.  That was the good news! The bad news was the part was not going to be in till Monday afternoon. If all went well, I could pick it up and be getting back home on Tuesday.   Keeping our fingers crossed!

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