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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Today started out at school, they had a book parade! You could dress up like anyone, but it had to be from a book. You also need to have a copy of the book.  I was told parents could come and watch, so I did

Not Lon's teacher, but she was adorable as the cat in the hat
Lon as Obi Wan. He told me that is what he wanted to be. I found the last Obi Wan costume, but it was a size large.   He was okay in it, the belt was double knotted in the back!
Hi Mom. He was happy I was there.
After school, Mark and I picked up Lon. We had a conference with Lon's teacher. He is doing well, there are no big worries.

Tying down the cat.
Taking a duck feeding break. There are sometimes 6 ducks out on the front grass.  We found a cheap place to buy bread to feed them!
The cat and the pumpkin all ready to go!
Lon and the giant pumpkin. Lon has eaten dinner and is very excited to go out !
We love the cat
Showing off his Jedi moves
Much candy I will find !
and they are off
Our house in the dark
The eyes work really well here!!
He is back with his haul! There is a ton of candy here !! I slightly over bought on candy, we had about 100 trick or treaters here.  Next year I will be more spot on.
Sorting the candy.  Lon only got a few things he could not eat, but luckily, I like those things!
We had a fun Halloween. Hope you did too!

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