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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pomegranate Trees!

On Saturday morning, I bought two pomegranate trees. The lady who was selling them told me that one would give me some fruit and two would give me a  good amount of fruit. I got two. She said they are two years old, so next season I should get fruit!  When we went out to pick them up on Monday morning, a turkey fig jumped in the car!  Heather, our new plant provider, told me that if I wanted a ton of figs, get two, but one will give you a normal amount of figs.
I put the pots in the backyard, more of less where I wanted them to be.
Tuesday afternoon, Mark got to work!
Right after I had him kill this spider on the side of the screen porch. It was HUGE!!
Putting in the first pomegranate tree
Working hard on pomegranate tree #2.  We are using the sod to patch a hole in the front yard.
Something very interesting is in the hole dug for the fig tree.
It's a cricket! Lon loves these things.
Our new backyard!  I think our next addition, once the house behind is built, will be a living fence of confederate jasmine.  I have heard it does not lose it's leaves and some of them will bloom a couple times a year!  I am thinking of the variegated and star varieties. Twining  those two together to make the fence would be very pretty and it would smell great!

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