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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Day with Grandma!

Grandma and Grandpa Andy arrived on Thursday afternoon.  It was great to see them! Friday, Lon went to school. I was proud of him for going, that was not easy for him.  Today, Saturday, we went out to have some fun!
We started out at the Summerville Saturday Market.
The market was decorated for Halloween.  Lon was being silly, so I was trying to get a good photo, when someone (!) decided to practice his photo bombing skills.
We had fun at the market, finding new things. They had more puppies to adopt today too. A pair of bloodhound sister puppies. They were so soft and adorable. I very much wanted to take them home, but, right now, we just can't take care of a pet.  Soon, but just not yet.
We got some corn to eat tomorrow.  We saw some new booths, angels made out of shells, and some pomegranate balsamic vinegar. I very much wanted to buy a bottle, but he was out, just the sample. I will have to go back next week!
Monday, I have to go and pick up my two new pomegranate trees. I bought them to plant in the backyard. I am so excited about this. I might pick up a turkey fig when I go out there to pick up my pomegranates! The trees (bushes) are about 2 years old now, and they give fruit on the third year. I am hopeful I can get fruit next season!!
After dropping off the corn at home, we headed out to the Goose Creek Fall Festival. It sounded like it would be very fun. It might have been a ton more fun had the music not been so ear splittingly loud.  We could not talk to anyone, we could not hear anyone.

Lon is trying to dance.  It was very cute
This is Bo, a three year old beautiful boy.  He was not doing well with the heat. It was in the 80s today. (no breeze, no clouds)
I wanted to take him home, along with a kitten (or three) but again, we just can not do it now.  Still makes me and Lon sad, but we know we will get the perfect pet(s) soon enough.
Lon and Filbert. I could not hear what he was a mascot of. But he had Filbert written on his shirt.
Grandma and Lon at Kelly's Barbeque. We enjoy that place. It is an all you can eat barbeque buffet.  They have all sorts of good things. Lon eats a piece of fried chicken, some pickles and then gets dessert. He gets chocolate pudding, and chocolate cake.  Mark likes the peach cobbler.
It was a fun day overall.
It was good being with the family.

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