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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Today was Pumpkin Carving Day.  We were going to do it yesterday but Lon was tired from the amazing weekend, and he had Gifted testing this morning.  He got a good breakfast, and he went happily to school.
He came home with a surprise for me, his report card! He is on the HONOR ROLL!
Now, it was time to carve pumpkins!!
First pumpkin, is the Yoda Pumpkin.
We got these at Home Depot. They are SO cool. We still have, and love, our cat, bat and witch, but we only could find two sugar pumpkins.  Pumpkins sell out FAST in our new neck of the woods!!
Putting the arms on
Scoop out the next pumpkin, I will.
Yoda and Darth do battle!  For the good of the pumpkin empire!
Picking out the pumpkin design for the big pumpkin. The seeds are drying out for a while, then I will roast them
Making the outline for the carving
Doing the carving himself!  He is doing a great job with it
Got it all done! Two ghosts!
Lon wanted to carve a Catholic Pumpkin. I was not sure what that was, he got a sheet of instructions from his Faith Formation class on how to do it. There is a little prayer with each section carved. It was cute
Lon and his pumpkins.

DAD!! Don't stick your head beside the pumpkins!! DAD!!!!
Lon is so proud of his pumpkins!  With good reason! He did a great job.

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