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Friday, October 25, 2013

Daddy FINALLY Gets To See Middleton!

Lon went to school, Mark took the day off to come with me to the Orthopedic Doctor.  The news is pretty much what it was in Seattle. Yes, I am on the road to a new knee. Moving fairly quickly down the road,  but not there yet. They drained 25ccs of fluid off my knee. Normal knees only have 2ccs.  Feels better now. Mark and I found a good Thai place for lunch, then we went home. It as almost time to get Lon from school.  It was such a nice day, we thought we should do something fun as a family.  Mark had yet to go out to Middleton Place, so that is what we did once I brought Lon home.
Trying to find the turtles. Lon wanted Daddy to see the cool turtles, they were not there.
The swans were out of their pens, but they wanted back in very very much

A view of the *new* house, the one built in the 1870s
The famous nymph
Hey Mom, what does Spanish Moss feel like? Why don't you go find out? Wow, it is surprisingly soft.
(true exchange)
Found were the turtles went. Out into the old rice fields.
Spanish Moss blowing in the wind
Not sure what the purple plant is behind Lon is, but it was pretty soft too.
A blue heron. I was thinking we were seeing a lot of wildlife, and I thought it might be cool if we saw an alligator. All I can say now, is be careful what you wish for.
Goofy Daddy picture
Reading about rice production
and there he is. Sunning himself, in his small glory.
He might be small, but I was betting he was mighty.

Looking at a sweetgrass basket that was left in the mill house.
Lon pointing out the the two holes in the wall.
We took the long way around this sunning lump.
Running up toward the Chapel/Spring house
Can you see two more alligators?
I am small but mighty!  I am fierce!
Lon liked them from a distance
Still looking for frogs in the spring house, but there were not any there.
Mr. Nesbit, the cooper. He makes dry barrels. The ones like the used at Middleton Place to ship rice all around the world.  These type of barrels are not water tight, but they did not need to be, rice is a dry commodity.
Little Lightening is growing fast! He is starting to look like a peacock!
Our friend from last time! Samson!  We got to talk to him and pet him while he had his hay snack before going out to the night pasture.

Time to milk Annabelle.  Sadly, due to health regulations, they can not do anything with the milk but use it for the other animals on the farm.

Daddy, this is Jethro, he is still a little boy goat.  He likes his head scratched.
Lon and the sleeping pigs
Daddy meeting the Water Buffalo
Sea Island Cotton, when we were last there, it was just yellow flowers.
Henry the cat, nicer than Arthur, but not as sweet at Mary.
Putting up beautiful lights for a wedding tomorrow evening. They experimented with the lights out side the driftwood balls, but that looked tacky so they said. The lights inside are so pretty.
Learning about the original house. It was destroyed in 1865.
Getting out the last bits of energy before we go home.
This was a short visit, only two hours.  We saw alot of things in those two hours. We will go back when we can meet the weaver lady, and the potter and Mr. Ron, the blacksmith are there.  I think Mark would like a longer visit.

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