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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Exploration on a Saturday!

This morning, even though it was on the cooler side for here, we still thought going to the beach and seeing what was around there was a good idea.
We had a good big breakfast of french toast and bacon, then we were off to see Isle of Palms Beach!
Lon ready to hit the beach!
Hidden Cat
Daddy does not seem fazed at all that Lon wants to squirt him with water
Birds on the beach, just hanging out
more prettiness on the beach
Time to get down to some serious sand digging
Under the pier
Desperate for a tan, even at 59 degrees. It did get up to 64.

Talking to a man and his dog.

Digging the ultimate sand castle
Pouring water into the moat. The sand just got wet, but that was good enough
This is what the man and his dog were doing. Taking the water board and running down the beach. The command to the dog was GO! DOG! GO! I thought that was great!
Warming up in the sun!
Back into the water !

Burying Mom's feet ! It was serious business
Sand Creation Castle, complete with super large defenses. Every castle needs defenses.
Writing our names in the sand with the squirt gun
Going back to the car in style. It was more of not getting too much sand in Daddy's car.  It was too early to go home, so more exploring was in order!

We drove by the fort.  We thought we would go back later, but then we re thought and seeing a little bit of the fort was a good idea. Lon will get his Jr. Ranger badge at a later date.
The entrance to the visitor's center. Lon wanted to wait on getting his Jr Ranger badge since he did not have his hat and vest. He likes to show off all that hard work. We watched the movie, so Lon got that signed off in the booklet. We can get more of it done at home, then have lots of time to explore the fort when we come back
Lon showing Daddy some of the artifacts in the visitor's center. He had read about Fort Moultrie in one of his books I got him before we got here.
Going into the tunnels! Magazines were under those earthworks
Beauty shot
Looking to Fort Sumter
A cat found Lon
Lon playing at Battery Bingham
A little history bit. We will add more history bits when we go back
Lon's duck face, with cheese its
We realized we were getting hungry! It was 2 in the afternoon and we needed food. The places we passed on Sullivan's Island were packed!  So we thought we would find something in Mt. Pleasent
We passed by Southern Season's. We read about this place in the newspaper and we wanted to see what it was about. They had a restaurant attached the to store. Called Southerly.  Lon was able to order chocolate chip pancakes, which he loved. I had a crab cake and both Mark and I had burgers. We skipped dessert. It was very good. We did enjoy lunch. Then it was time to explore the store!
The candy section was HUGE! They did have the Moravian cookies that Mark likes, and they had them in small packages. I see stocking stuffer!
There was so much to see, but today it was crowded! They were having a Fall Festival today!  I will have to come back and explore on my own. There were plenty of samples to try. The pumpkin cinnamon ice cream was wonderful.  The Indian Curry made by a local person was very good. She sells the curry sauce in jars. Can't wait to try that out.  Lavanyas was the name.  Then it was time to head home, it was almost 4pm!
We went across the Ravenel Bridge. It was a pretty drive.
We stopped off at the Asian supermarket to get some more Katsu sauce for Lon's chicken, then our last stop was the Indian market to get some more ghee.
It was a good day to be out in the sunshine.

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