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Sunday, October 27, 2013

USS Yorktown

Today we got up early, went to early Mass, then headed out to Patriot's Point.  Lon had spotted the USS Yorktown when we went to Fort Sumter.
Patriot's Point is just on the other side of the Ravenel Bridge!
It is very impressive. They also  had helicopter rides, 3 minutes for 35 dollars.  um, no.

Lon spotted this fish in the water.  His comment was, wow, that would make a really good dinner!
These birds are so beautiful
The  USS Yorktown and the USS  Laffey
On board!
We had heard we could get lunch in the mess, but it was only open Tuesday through Saturday.  We settled for the snack bar, it was just okay.
Pointing out the dolphins swimming around the ship.
In the cockpit.
There were lots of exhibits to see and things to learn. Lon was loving this! Planes, ships, the whole thing was just what he liked!
An opportunity to get inside the cockpit of an F9F Cougar.
Still a little short to be a pilot
Reading about tailhooks
Scrappy, the mascot of the  USS Yorktown.  They have a costumed character for the kids, but not on Sundays.
A space capsule, like the ones the  USS Yorktown plucked out of the ocean.
Inside the Charleston Shipyard museum.
They built over 300 ships at the  Charleston shipyards during World War 2.
Learning about the  USS Essex.
The Daily Briefing Room.
Peeking in rooms
On the flight deck! They have planes from several different eras. It was very cool to see them!
So that's how the tailhook works! COOL!
Lon was getting too warm to wear his Seahawks jacket, so he took it off and I carried it.  When we were on the stern, a couple of men were back there and complimented him on his shirt. Lon told them I made it. Then they started talking about the planes on his shirt.  They were very impressed with him, that he knew what the planes were and where they were flown.  
Looking back to the Fort Sumter Visitor's Center.
Looking at the USS Laffey
Leaving the flight deck
Being Captain

Daddy takes the helm
Lon, stand on your tiptoes! Mom, I AM!
I am so glad he is 8
Bridge View
More Captaining!
The boys went in the flight simulator! It looked like a ton of fun!
Then we went into the Medal of Honor Museum. We learned a lot about the Medal of Honor.
Time to leave the  USS Yorktown. There is more to see aboard, but we have other ships to see here too!
The USS Laffey. It was named for Medal of Honor recipient Seaman Bartlett Laffey. He was in the Civil War and earned his medal in Yazzo City, Mississippi.
The USS  Laffey is an amazing ship. It was called the ship that would not die.   USS Laffey survived despite being badly damaged by four bombs, six kamikaze crashes, and strafing fire that killed 32 and wounded 71. The assistant communications officer — Lt. Frank Manson — asked Captain Becton if he thought they'd have to abandon ship, to which he snapped, "No! I'll never abandon ship as long as a gun will fire." Becton did not hear a nearby lookout softly say, "And if I can find one man to fire it."

We watched a show on board about the 80 minutes of attack by the Japanese.  Lon sat still and watched the entire 26 minutes.
The Galley. Four meals a day, for the entire destroyer.

On the bridge of the  USS Laffey
Looking over at the USS Yorktown
More on the history of the USS Laffey
The boys went down into the submarine. I had enough stairs, so I walked back to the gift shop. I bought our going on board picture. I also found out we could get a yearly pass. On our second visit, it would pay for itself. I bought that too!  The rest of the gift shop did not have much I was interested in. No silver charms, but they did have two smashed pennies. I waited for Lon, so he could run the machines!
But first he had to see about the anti aircraft guns
Not so amused with the Love Boat Captain Hat.  (it did not look like a Navy cover to me!)  It was time to head home.
We had an amazingly busy weekend, and there is so much to see and do, I think we are going to keep having them!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Someday you need to get him to Pearl Harbor.

Terry was on the USS Enterprise, he piloted her around the Pacific.

FYI Christy Larson lives around your area and her hubby is a Commander in the Navy.