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Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Fest

This morning was October Fest at St. Theresa's. They asked if I could bring in something for the bakesale. I said sure! I had all the stuff for a batch of rice krispie treats, so I made those. I had to get them there by 8am. After I dropped them off, Lon and I came home for a good breakfast. Monkey Bread! Lon had not ever had Monkey Bread and was nervous to try it. He took a bite and said, Hey Mom, this is just bread and cinnamon. Well, yes Son, that is what I have been telling you !
Then it was time to go back to St. Theresa's !
There were all sorts of fun games for the kids.  You bought tickets, then for playing the games you got another color of ticket that was used to *pay* for prizes!
Lunch break! Lon was waiting for the cake walk. There were line dancers doing their thing, and Lon was not impressed.
He wanted CAKE.
Mark and I took turns hanging out with Lon while he waited. I was over holding a kitten (she was up for adoption, but we had to say no.) when the dancers were finally done. Lon won the cake walk. He got the triple chocolate delight cake.
Lon had enough tickets to do the cake walk a couple times, just so he would win a cake, but since he won on his first go round, he went and played in the video game truck!  
Lon did very well at balloons and darts. Now he wants his own dart board!
Picking out his prizes

We saw all there was to see at St Theresa's, we picked up the cake. I chatted with a lot of people. It was time to go. We went home, got our groceries for the week. We passed a Chinese restaurant and thought we would go out for dinner! We went out to China Town Buffet. We probably won't be going back.  We had some shopping to do but when we passed by the scarecrow displays in the town square we had to stop and take a look at everyone's hard work!

Lon did not want to put his face in the hole, so Daddy did!
Minion pumpkins.  We are seeing lots of minion themed things here this year!
There were even dental minions!
Home Depot Scarecrow
The boys being goofy with at the Dorchester Country Water and Sewer scarecrows
Lon showing off his cake walk cake.   It is a good cake!

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