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Monday, October 14, 2013

Downtown Charleston with the Family!

Today, Lon did not go to school, instead we went downtown with Grandma, Grandpa Andy, Uncle Kent, Aunt Karen, Matt and Ing.  Mark had to be at work today, so he was not able to join us.
The view from the 5th floor of a parking garage.
The same church, from street level
Architectural detail
Lunch at Slightly North of Broad. (SNOB) it was very fun and good food!
On the steps of the Custom House
Running back to catch up! We were off to look through the market!
The boys playing with wooden toys.

On the steps of the Daughters of the Confederacy building.  Lon is showing off the Lego that Aunt Karen got for him.
Thank you, Aunt Karen

A courtyard garden
Another view of the church steeple!
Lon did not want to put down his ice cream. goofy kid!
We went to the Moon Pie Store. I got a mint moon pie for Mark.
A better photo with Grandma, once the ice cream was finished

Grandpa Andy went back to get the car. We waited at the market, well, Grandma waited. Lon and I ran over to the Savannah Candy Company Shop. Lon wanted to get some candy from there the last time we were in town, but we did not.  He got mint fudge and I got some pralines. Yummy!!
It was a great day with the family.

For those of you who do not know what Moon Pies are, here is a bit from wikipedia about the wonderful moon pie.

Moon Pies were first introduced in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area in 1917. Bakers there combined recently-introduced Marshmallow creme fluff with graham crackers to devise an early sandwich-like prototype to the Moon Pie.[2] Eventually, chocolate was added to create roughly the final shape known today.[2] The origin of the name is suspected to relate to the pie's round appearance and may have been acquired back before chocolate was added, giving a color more similar to that of the moon.
Precisely how and when people began the custom of eating Moon Pies with RC Cola is unknown,[3] although it is likely that their inexpensive prices, combined with their larger serving sizes, contributed to establishing this combination as the "working man's lunch". The popularity of this combination was celebrated in a popular song of the 1950s, by Big Bill Lister, "Gimmee an RC Cola and a Moon Pie.".[4] In 1973, NRBQ had a minor hit with the song, "An RC Cola and a Moon Pie."

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