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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Silly

Today was an all around goofy kind of day.  Lon and Daddy went to Fred Meyer early as I was just getting my first cup of coffee, settling in to see what the world was talking about on my facebook page. They called from Fred Meyer. Their plans were dashed! The jewelery section of "our" store was closed! They were coming home, but they wanted me to come with them when the went to check out the other store up in Bothell.  It was a nice store. I don't think I had ever been to that one before.  We looked at the jewelery section, it was very nice. What was purchased is a present for later, and I will show it off then. We also went over to flower and garden and got two hanging fuchsia baskets. Because I love them and Mark wanted it to start looking like spring!
My pretty baskets hanging on the porch!
Our next stop was Yakima Fruit Market. It is always fun there. Lon discovered a chair just to blow bubbles in! How fun is that! We got some fruit, apples kiwis, strawberries, and blueberries for Sunday morning pancakes.  I also go some english peas. Those are so good!
It's a pesticide that is also a salad dressing!  For those of you old enough to remember when Saturday Night Live was funny. (it's a floor cleaner that is also a dessert topping) They have a whole display of green pesticides.
We decided we were getting hungry, so we stopping in at Bentos. Lon is learning how to use chop sticks. He liked the fish there, but he was pretty much the only one who ever ordered it and they discontinued it. He tried the Chicken Katsu and liked it, but with sauce on the side for dipping. Lon has been going to Bentos since before he was born!

Mark was going through a box of old clothes he found. He was already wearing the blue sweatpants I made him for Christmas. He had to show me how the sweatshirt "worked" with the pants! And Lon's sunglasses.  It's BLUE MAN!
Looking for his next superhero assignment!
Junior blue man
After going through the clothes and getting a bag ready for Goodwill, we took a break in the sun. Lon and Daddy played Balloon Lagoon. Lon loves that game! Daddy likes the frog jumping part of it.  We had a good, and goofy, day! Now we are getting the grill ready for dinner! We are bound and determined to enjoy the sunshine even if it is only 56 degrees!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Panoramic Photo Shoot Chaos!

Today was school panoramic photo day. They wanted to do it outside. It was cold, about 49, with a wind. The kids wore their coats. The photographer told them to unzip their coats so we could see their shirts, and take their hoods off.
Waiting to line up with the rest of the school
Just standing around waiting. They lined up by grades. Lon and his classmates were in front
Finally we can start taking our places.

Lon and most of his class.
The camera was up high, so they will get all the kids. They have not done this kind of photo in a long time. I do not think I can post a copy of the photo, I am not sure my scanner is big enough, the small size photo is 10x15. Lon will be getting one in a couple weeks.  Just as the photographer snapped the last photo, it started to sprinkle. Good timing!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


All of the sudden it got sunny! Not really warm, only about 50, but not rainy!  Lon asked me if he could play outside , YES!  And, Mom can you turn on the bubble machine? well, why not?  So that is what he is doing right now!
Running to pop the bubbles! Yes, that is an Easter Egg Hunt basket, he wants to collect bubbles in the basket

SUN! Lon is having fun

I can get these!
We love bubble machines. They are alot of fun.
Now I am going outside to enjoy this sunshine.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful happy Easter and we hope that you did too!
Testing the new bubble machine on Saturday afternoon.  Lon deemed it worthy to have out on Easter. Who can resist a bubble machine? I feel a little like Lawrence Welk with all the bubbles.  Google him, young ones.

Our spread. There was a bit too much food, but that is how we roll. The cute bunny was a gift from Christine! Thank you! Love the bunny! The plant is an Italian Heather, which I had never heard of before. Michelle brought that to us. It is so pretty, I hope it can grow well here.  Lots of bread is left, but I am fond of toast!
I wonder what a bread pudding from Kulich would taste like?
Getting the instructions for the Easter Egg Hunt!
They all listened very well

Ready, Set, GO!

The most amazing amount of eggs! We had lots and lots. Next year we will have more kids, but the same amount of eggs. They had toys and candy, not just candy. And the all important Golden Egg had a dollar coin in it. One per kid. 

Lon loved his bunny ears, he got those when he visited the Easter Bunny at the mall for his pictures.
He wore them most of the day

Looking for that Golden Egg!
Ben and Brian looking for eggs.  As far as I could tell there were no arguments about who got what
Reyansh is not pleased that he can not participate.  He wants to be out there in the grass with the big boys.  He really does not get what they are running around for, but he wants to be in the grass with them.  Next year little one! You will be a force!
Getting some help to get the eggs up high

Having fun! Lots of fun! The rain was holding off, it was great. There was rain in the morning, and the rain started again about 7:30pm. Perfect!
After watching the egg hunt, I put the camera down and got busy talking, eating and generally not thinking about taking pictures to put on the blog.  I think we all had a good time. I had fun. Lon had fun. Lon got the Neptune Carrier from the Easter Bunny. One of the pieces he wanted in the Lego Atlantis series. He wanted this one ALOT!  He was a good boy and did not build it before the party, he begged a little, but not much. Although as soon as everyone left he really wanted to build it.  He even helped me clean off the table.  I decided that he could build it while I was doing dishes. He built it all by himself. he is now up to bag three of the five bags of lego pieces.  Once he finished bag two it was close to bedtime, so I fixed him a peanut butter toast snack, with milk,  and he then went to bed.  A little bit of whine, can I build more, but not too terribly much. We all had a great time.  We love Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs

On our list of things to do today was to cook and dye eggs! Lon was so excited.  He has not been old enough to really help out much before.  I poured in the vinegar and water. But everything else he helped with. His biggest disappointment, we only did 14 eggs. Way more than enough I think!
Boiling the eggs. I had two pots going, the deviled egg pot and the ones to be dyed.  These are to be deviled. mmmm, I love deviled eggs!

Cooling the eggs

Adding the dye pellets to the vinegar.  Lon thought it was pretty cool when the pellets started to fizz and we could really hear it!

Adding eggs. It is a serious business

Checking on the eggs. Are they pretty yet? Not quiet. Let's let them rest a little bit more in the dye bath. I think they like LONG baths.

This one I think is ready Mom!

See, isn't that pretty? I like it. Let's take them all out. I can handle this one, Mom! I know I can take them out and I will use the tool so I won't get my hands all dyed. Not like yours. (The cuticle on my  right thumb is a lovely shade of green. )

Our bright and shiney eggs. I want to eat at least one of them right now but I will wait. I put them back in the fridge to dry.
One more day till Easter! Lon is so excited! So is his Mom!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tulip Time!

We were going to see the tulips last week, but did not make it.  We love the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We have learned that the weekends are NOT the time to go. Lots and lots of other people love it too. It is so spectacular, fields of single color tulips. Red, yellow, pink, purple, I did not see white this year, but we did not see all the fields and some tulips were not open yet.  As usual, we went to Rozengaarde, their gardens are incredible.   This year I learned that just Rozengaarde has 350 acres of tulip fields, 450 acres of daffodils and 200 acres of iris. That is alot of flowers!  The ones I got last year that are coming up in my garden this spring are doing great!
Even though it looked like rain here, we went up. It was gorgeous there! Puffy white clouds, not ominous or ever present gray cloud cover!
At a field. We pulled off on the side of the road, got out and took pictures. This is not one of Rozengaarde's fields. All of those are marked with large signs.

We went to Rozengaarde, Lon and Daddy went off in one direction and said, we will be back, you take some pictures in the garden. We will find you. This is what I found when we caught up to each other. Ice Cream! Daddy went and bought Lon a cone. It was large, we all had to have some to finish it off.

Running. As if Lon could do something else in a field of grass The border was all planted in flowers, grape hyacinth, tulips, daffodils, all so pretty
What cha doin'? My mom does that too, but your camera is bigger than moms.  I can't use her big camera but sometimes she lets me use her little camera. I call it the sharing camera and I take pictures with it but only when she lets me. 
I am not sure the lady with the camera was even listening to Lon. She was nice though. Oh, there was not a pause or a breath in that long Lon talk

Daffodils. Thanks Mom for holding my coat. I was getting to warm.

These are called Gordon Coopers. I like them. We should get some. I want  you to remember that Mom. oh, wait. Please Mom can we get some of these? See, I am trying to be good. Did I do it right this time?

Enough of that, let's RUN!

A little pose since Mom asked nicely

My boys

In the back of the garden they have some fields. We went out to look at those. Lon was being silly.
Back inside the garden area. Another picture for Mom. Lon was not sure why I wanted him to sit down.  But he did it anyway. Thank you, Lon

Lon met a new little friend. And they both ran and chased each other around the tent several times. Lon wanted to play alot longer with Ethan, but Ethan was tired! Also, I wanted to see other flowers!

This one is for you, Grandma.  Wouldn't that giant wood tulip be cool near your front door? Lon thought so. No, I have no idea where to get them. Lon just wanted you to know about them.

A meltdown aversion talk. Lon wanted to play more with Ethan, but he was going home.  Daddy took care of it and helped Lon get back to a happier place

We left the gardens, got back in the car and went to look for more tulip fields!  Lon got the sharing camera out. He reminded me I should have given it to him in Rozengaarde. I told him he was right, but he could have asked for it before we got out of our car too.

Just a little wind

Got the sun out of his eyes for some prettier pictures. Could not decide which one was better, this one or the next one so I added them both!

Stomping dirt clods. It was cool, it was fun, and we did not let him do it near enough. He could have spent till the sun went down making big clods of dirt into mud, dust and dirt and he would have been happy!
It was time to go. We were getting hungry. Lon remembered a pizza place we stopped at last year. Of course he wanted to see if it was still as good. He said it most certainly was! I am not sure if any pizza is bad for Lon.  To be fair, this was good pizza!
It was a very fun day, we had a good time. When we got back home we noticed that the street was all wet. It had rained here while we were up enjoying the tulips in the sun. I am happy we went
Yes, I did get flowers to bring back to the house. Since it was Thursday they did not have a big selection to pick from, so I got yellow, red and one that was red and yellow. I think it will be wonderful when they open up. They should last till Easter!  I love my bunny vase!