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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fort Dorchester Colonial Re-enactment!

Today was a fun day! It started off with all of us going to Tanger Outlets to get Lon some shoes. Mommy got shoes, and a dress! Lon got one pair of water shoes and some socks. Daddy even got shoes!  Two pair of gym shoes.   We went over to Sake House for lunch. Lon thought it was SO cool!  The fire on the hibachi grill was amazing,   and the little peeing man the chef brought out to extinguish it.     The food was good.  It's been a long time since I have been to a hibachi place.
We had heard this was the weekend of the Re enactment at Fort Dorchester State Park.   Fun!

What we saw when we arrived
They had a little shop, and after over a year of asking, we finally gave in and Lon got his wooden knife!
Looking at the indigo dyed cloth. We have met the couple who runs the shop before. She dyes the fabric with her own grown indigo.   It's pretty cool

Looking at the archeology tent.  They do have an active dig going on.
The tower

Getting ready to drill
A table with the stuff they found in the dig. They have some great stuff, the lady who was telling us about all the items found a colonial lady's button. Beautiful!
Walking their dog.

The captain was funny as he drilled the his men. He heard a barking dog and mentioned the French must be near by
On our way to watch the men fire. They do not fire any shot, just powder, but we have to be behind them and not too close as they fire into the trees!

One of the re-enactors showed us how they loaded the muskets. It was so cool to watch him!


Because we asked nicely, the company fired one more round!

They asked if anyone wanted their photo taken with the group, Lon was the first one up.  They thought he was great!
Lon told them about his new wooden knife and they encouraged him to show it off. So he did. Then they started making pirate jokes and noises.

We went over to the dig site, and the lady was explaining that the new hole in the side of the dig was from a guest armadillo ! But she was not going to reach in and pull him out any time soon.  They hope he goes away on his own accord.

It was starting to rain, so we decided that this was the best time to go home.

We were not done yet! We stopped by Ye Olde Fashioned to get some ice cream.
We saw people we knew!

What a great day!

But it was not over yet! At Ye Olde Fashioned we were reminded about the Knight's of Columbus movie night at St. Theresa's.  Lon and I decided we would love to see The Incredibles.  We had a great time. We hope that there are more people next month for the Prince of Egypt. We will be there. I might even make cookies!
Lon was so tired when we got home that he went straight to bed and was asleep before I even got upstairs

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