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Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Today I was allowed to come in and help the kids in Lon's class with making gord instruments. Maracas to be exact.  Lon was really happy to see me in the art room! While I did help other kids, I only took photos of Lon. Today was selecting and prepping the gord for tomorrow's decorating.

Listening to the guest art instructor. They listened very well.

Going outside to pick out a gord. They had to push on it and make sure it was not rotten. No one found a rotten one.

They had to take a seashell and scrape off the mold and then take a green scrubby to get the rest of it off.  Lon did a great job. I did not help him, I helped a couple of the other kids.

Once the gord was clean, and dry. The kids went back in, drew a circle on the bottom of the gord, not near the belly button! and punched it out with an awl. Lon did it by himself, but, again, I helped another kiddo.

Once that was done, they went back outside with a bamboo stick an cleaned out the inside of the gord. Got all the seeds and membranes out of it. The guest instructor told the kids to take some seeds home so they can grow their own gords ! Lon handed me a bunch of seeds.

Then it was time to go back to their regular classes. Lon handed me his coat and lunch box to take home.

I wanted to go to school to help out tomorrow too, the decorating of the gord, but the guest instructor said I was not needed.
I will post a picture of Lon's finished gord.

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