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Friday, March 27, 2015

Flowertown Festival

Friday was a busy day! We first thought that we would all take the day off and go to the Flowertown Festival as soon as it opened. We missed last year since I was not healed from my knee surgery.  Lon had his passport club geography test today, I am one of the three volunteers who give the tests.  Lon and I did not take today off, but we did leave school as soon as I was done giving tests.  Which was about 12:30 !
We left our car at school.  It was only three blocks to the festival.
We met Mark at the Weinermobile!  It was so cool to see it in person.

Lon was hungry, so he got a slice of Papa John's pizza. The slice was huge, but he ate it all!
I found some coconut shrimp, they were really good!

Face in the hole! We love those and we would like them to have a better name!
There were lots of booths with games to play. Lon loves those!  He won a frisbee here.

Beauty shot of Azalea Park.

Crowds were not too big.  We heard the crowds on Saturday are huge!

Taking a look at the Hunley replica. It is so cool they bring it out at almost every festival!
Face in the hole!

The last face in the hole! I think we got them all!
Lon found a put put game. This one was a little different. You had to sink the put with a blindfold.  Lon has trouble sinking it seeing it!
He sank it! He really did! He got to put his name in the drawing for a 50 dollar amazon gift card!

Seeing all there is to see.
There were a ton of craft booths, lots of fun stuff to see.  There were some information booths, and some business booths too

Rain clouds over the Bethany United Methodist Church

Hmm, wonder if it will rain
Lon played a game of pooh sticks. Still a fun game. They had a fish rubbing artist, but we have a wonderful fish rubbing done by Lindsay!

Yes, the rain came. Big heavy rain drops with thunder and lightening!  We took refuge in a jewelry booth. It was fused glass and pennies, called Lucky Pennies.I did buy one from my birth year.  It was the only thing, besides lunch, that we bought!

Lon is waiting out the rain by doing some science experiments with his balloon and the rain.  He would put the balloon out in the rain, and the rain fell on the balloon, weighing it down. Lon wanted to see if it would hit the ground.
It did hit the ground! The weight of the rain did send it to the ground!
But would it come back once it was a little drier?

It did!

Lon was out playing in the rain too. He could not get any wetter than he was.
We decided to just go back to the car, seeing what was still open as we went.

The rain drove the crowds away.  A lot of the booths closed or put their tarps down.

It was really fun, we enjoyed the Flowertown Festival.   We will go again next year. Friday seems like the best day!!

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