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Monday, March 16, 2015

Cub Scout Presentations

I would like to say that Lon worked long and hard on his cub scout presentation tonight. However, I did not even tell him about it till shortly before we had dinner. His cub scout den meeting was at 6:30.  Lon had to pick a topic and do a short 3 minute presentation on it.  Lon wanted to bring LOTS of props. We limited him to a couple of books.
Lon went first in his presentation on castles.
Lon probably could have talked about castles for the entire meeting but he was told time. He did very well. I was proud of him, he had very few ums, and ahs.

The boys also leaned some American Sign Language.  Lon had to ask, in sign language for a red candy.  She had a pile of air head candies. There were orange, red, blue and green flavors.  If the boys asked for what ever color, and did it in Sign, they were allowed to have one.

 It was a very fun den meeting.

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