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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Folly in March

Today started with the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast at Applebees.

Jack got to come with us!
They were both very good while they were eating
When they finished it was time to do a little booth wrestling.
 They have so much fun together

Sadly, we had to drop Jack off before we went to Folly Beach.  We are winter beach people. Not summer beach people.  Love a good winter beach!
Don't get too wet! He did not get too wet, just a little.
I brought a change of clothes for him, and shoes too!  We forgot a couple of bags for shells.  We found some wonderful shells and even bits of coral.

 Lon has a good time looking for the shells. He can't get over how thick some of the shells are

Walking down the beach, looking for pretty bits of shells.

we walked a good ways down the beach ! We started at the pier
He is having fun! It was only about 55 degrees!

I have always loved this  law office on Folly Beach

Lunch at the Crab Shack!
They did not have kid size fried flounder, so Lon got the adult portion, he ate about half. Mark ate the other half

He could not finish dessert! It was HUGE. Three scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream over a chewy brownie

Some day we are going to walk down along the beach on the other side of the pier
looking out over the water from the end of the pier. We watched some people trying to surf. They were making a good effort

We stopped at a little shop and Lon got to try on some stuffed animals on his head.
The happy octopus

The polka dotted manta ray
The hippie manatee!
Lon had fun with it, he was a good sport.

It was a fun day.
We got home, Lon played outside with his buddies, then crashed hard, he was sound asleep by 8pm!

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