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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fourth Grade PTA Program

Tonight was the PTA Fourth Grade Program.  I was not sure when it was, until this afternoon!  Of course we were not going to miss it ! It started at 6pm

A good selection !
Of course nothing ever starts on time.  Mark amused him self by taking the yellow yarn and a beat up nickle he found in Lon's coat pocket and wrapping the yarn around the nickle.  He hopes Lon finds it. He hopes Lon wonders how the yarn got wrapped around the nickel.

Our principal and PTA leader opening the show!
Taking the stage. The great thing for Lon's class was they were the third spiritual. They got to stay on the stage, the other two classes were on risers off to the side!
Getting ready to SING!
He is really singing!
Yes, he was supposed to wear his Spann t-shirt and black slacks.
Darn! It's over!

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