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Friday, February 27, 2015


Today was the boosterthon as Lon's school. Like the Jag-a-thon at his old school.  You get pledges and run.  This year they had to run in the teacher's parking lot since the rains made the field so wet and miserable it was unfit to run on.
Here comes Lon's class!   The fourth and fifth grades were out running at the same time.
Walking up to the starting line
The field of runners
Can you stop talking so we can run?

After the National Anthem, and a pace lap, they were off!
Some laps were walked, deep in conversation

Lon showing off the 1/2 of the noise makers. There were two blown up balloon things that got smacked together.  The kids were not supposed to have them, I got this half back after the photo so I could continue making noise and cheering for Lon!

Water break. It was a little chilly, 38 at the start, it warmed up to 40 towards the end of his time.
The chaos that was getting numbers recorded. Lon did 34 laps. He was trying to time it to get the 35 in, and not go over since once they got the 35, they had to sit out the rest of the time.  Too many kids in too small a space.
It was fun, Lon had a good time.  28 laps was 2 miles!

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