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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Blue and Gold Banquet 2015

Tonight was the Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet.     Lon would be advancing to Webelos 2. Next year it is Boy Scouts!
Mark got to hold Baby Connor !! Such cute boys

Lon waiting for the festivities to begin!  It was nice sitting and talking with him while Dad went and helped cook the pork loin and chicken for dinner!
Lon and Daddy watching the other dens move up

Lon's turn
Lon's Den, they are all now Webelo 2s!
Listening to how well the boys did this year!
Pinning on the Webelo's badge!
Proud Moment!
A Webelo!
The boys were going to sing us their camping song. Which is really cute. Lon took the microphone and started the song, but it was not well rehearsed.  I was proud of Lon for stepping up and taking the mic.
One of his den mates took the mic next. It was hard to hear them overall. Dinner was just about ready!
In the buffet line.  There was all sorts of yummies, the pork loin and the chicken were great. They had Brasilian Rice.
I did talk to  the gentleman who made it. He told me about a couple of great places to go for Brasilian food up in Goose Creek!  

The Blue and Gold Banquet was great fun!

Now on to work toward the Arrow of Light! The highest rank a cub scout can get. Lon is determined!

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