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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Half Day

The day after our fizzled snow day, we had a scheduled half day.  Half days here get out at 11am.  We were lucky enough to pick up Austin too!
Being goofy waiting for lunch.  Austin did not think we could get a real lunch at Dairy Queen. They do have meals, but they are only hot dog meals. He was sort of disappointed we were not going to have a lunch of just ice cream!

The goofyness was not ending!   Austin liked talking about turkeys. Not sure why. Lon jumped on that too. Soon everything we talked about was turkey related.
No ice cream until the hot dogs were gone. Ice cream is the best reward!

After getting homework done, then it was Disney Infinity game time!  Ranger is in the tall condo watching the game. We think he plays when no one else is home.

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