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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Day

Yesterday, Tuesday,  they forecasted ice! Cold temperatures, nasty road conditions. They cancelled school at 4pm on Monday.  This was premature.  The cold never got cold enough to freeze much of anything.
Lon spent Monday night at Jacks, but they were back for breakfast. I promised them Belgian waffles, strawberries, whipped cream and bacon.  I said 8:30 they were back by 8!

Lon did not really want the strawberries, he still loves his maple syrup. Jack made up for it, he ate all the strawberries!  And they both polished off the bacon!  Yay!

After breakfast they put on a play for me. They used the stuffed animals as the actors. All about a mine. It involved ghosts, gold and a mine shaft.  It was called, Hey, this is mine!  Very cute

Then Alec came over and they played up in Lon's room for a while.

Lunch time.

After lunch when the boys decided to have a nerf battle upstairs, running through the hosue, I kicked them outside. Dressed warmly of course.

Lon was in bed early ! He was worn out from his snow day. While the snow and ice never came, Lon had a great snow day!

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