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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today we had a free Saturday. Nothing planned, so we thought we would take a a drive to Yemasse and Walterboro!
On the road to Yemasse. We did not take the freeway.  It was really pretty. I am sure when the leaves come in it will be even prettier!
Random shack.
We passed some nifty places, one of them was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It is privately owned and not open for tours. The name of the house is Auldbrass.
We passes some rice trunks in an overgrown marsh. Lon told his Dad all about them.  I was not able to get a photo as we were going too fast.
The first building we saw in Yemasse

lovely Yemassee. Complete with old dog in the middle of the road.
The reason we went to Yemassee. The Le Creuset outlet.   We went in without expectations on what it would be like, as we had no idea!  It was a good size store, well lit, well stocked and the staff were very nice.  Coffee, cookies and bottled water for us to enjoy!   We did buy a 9 inch skillet and a couple other little things too!  We will be going back!  The prices seem to be out let prices! Mark wants a purple pot.

On the road to Walterboro.  The motel is gone. No building there at all, but the sign remains.

We turned around here to go back to the historical marker on the side of the road

There was a graveyard too, surrounded by a chain link fence

The chain link fence did not have a lock, so I walked in to look. The ground was covered in leaves and squishy in some places.
I took photos of the two oldest grave stones I could find

Another marker farther down the road.
Downtown Walterboro
There were lots of fun antique stores to poke though. I never even knew they made these games! They made me smile.  No, we did not buy them.
Lon got two slices of pizza at Castillos Pizzeria.  What he did not finish, we did! It  was good thin crust pizza. Two slices and a drink was only 5 dollars!
Waiting for Mom to catch up
Cool old sign
Consulting the map
Big wooden ship models. SO cool!
Some great old signs

Lon in one of the red rocking chairs. They have lots of them around town, since Walterboro ROCKS!

I did find a jewelry store that sold sterling silver rockers, but they were dipped in red enamel and they did not look as nice as I would have liked.  We gave them a pass

A waterfall

The waterfall is part of the Veteran's memorial.
Reading the names

Leaving Walterboro. This is the courthouse.
History Bit!
Instead of heading home from our adventures in Walterboro, we went up to St. George.  This was on the way there.
The gas station is no longer there, but the sign hangs on
Downtown St. George.  
There was not much there and we did not stop.
We headed back home, we had a great day exploring another part of South Carolina.

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