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Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Family Expo

Last year we went to the first family expo! This year was much bigger, and better organized. Not sure if we won anything yet. Last year we won the family membership to the Charleston Aquarium.

Lon is checking out the books at Usborne books.  They have some fun ones.
The train store from Summerville was there too!
Getting information on emergency preparedness

A pony, a real live pony!  So sweet. He was 22 years old.  They were telling everyone about pony parties! We probably are not going to have a princess pony party any time soon, but it was fun to see the pony
Lon is having fun

Being goofy.
They had a place to plant green bean seeds! Lon decided to give it a try. We will see if they grow!

We filled out the treasure hunt forms and turned them in. Keeping our fingers crossed!

The family expo was about twice the size as last year, we spent over 2 hours seeing everything. We had a great time.

We decided we were hungry, so after the family expo we went to Valentinos. It had recently been re-done by Robert Irvine for the show Restaurant Impossible.   It looked much nicer inside.  Before it just looked very tired.
The show will air sometime later this spring.
The rolling pin divider wall is interesting.
The food was good. Mark got a burger, Lon got a slice of pizza and I had a veal parmesan sub. The slice Lon said was good, Mark liked his burger, he got onion rings with it and those were fantastic! I stole two of them. My sub was good but it was very lonely on the plate. That was the only thing on this large plate. It looked sad.
It was worth seeing since it was re done. Hopefully they will have more business now.

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