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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

It was a fun Christmas time at our house!
The last Sunday of Advent, December 22, St. Nicholas appeared at Church!  The kids who stayed after Mass could go up and talk to St. Nicholas!
The man who is behind the beard has been doing this for over 25 years!
He spent alot of time with each child, and everyone waited patiently!
Mark was called back to work, and we stayed and decorated the church for Christmas!  We put up trees, arranged pointsettas, put lights on trees. It was very fun

On Monday night, we went back to see the James Island lights.  It was amazing. Looking forward to going again. This time we were smart and brought our own s'mores kit. Lon had four!
Fun presents started to come in the mail. Goofy glasses from Australia!  Lon thinks they are silly
The only photo I took on Christmas Eve. Our big roast beast! I meant to take more, but it just did not work out
We had company for dinner, the neighbors next door.  It was very fun
Then it was Christmas Morning! Lon got up at 3:49. We tucked him back in, but about every 20 minutes or so, can I get up now? No. WHEN? Not now. ugh. and repeat. We lasted till 5:51. There was no stopping him then!
The first present he opened was the ones from Cousin Milana!
Christmas Market Legos!
Lon and I have agreed that this will be a Christmas decoration. We can add to it every year with a winter village scene. He thinks that is so cool, guaranteed Legos every year!
Super Hero Sqwinkies!
The balsa wood airplanes we got at Kitty Hawk, I told Lon I would wrap them for Christmas, and I did.
You can see Lon's big present from Santa. The EV3 Mindstorm starter kit. It is an introduction to Lego Robotics.  Santa also brought extra power packs and a book all about the things you can do with the EV3. It all came in a special plastic tub, they will all be kept there, so they do not get mixed up with the other random bits of Lego!
Reading the letter from Godfather, telling him all about the vintage Hardy Boys books that were wrapped up for Lon!  Lon thinks they look really cool!

 Brian and Kayla sent a Lego that Lon really wanted! He was so thrilled to get it!
Then it was time for Church. We thought about going to Christmas Eve service, but it was going to be so crowded.They were expecting over a huge crowd at both Masses.  Christmas Day at 10, it was smaller than a normal Sunday. It was good!
The outdoor Creche. The Wise Men do not show up for 2 more weeks!
The indoor Creche. This looks like the photos my mom took of my sister and I at the Creche when we were little.
The rest of our Christmas Day was lazy good. We got comfy, ate when we were hungry, and played with all our new toys.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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